Small Keyboard Drivers (DOS)

The set of Small Keyboard Drivers (Cyrillic) has been developed in 1989-1993. Development has been started due to (1) the sad fact that all available to me drivers has problems (either does not work with some of the programmer editors, or conflicts with other software, or had huge resident part, or was combined together with font loaders with other problems, etc.) and (2) every programmer at these times proudly developed something like his own keyboard driver. I went same way (anyway somehow I learned assembler x86 and IBM PC BIOS and so on). See SKD.219 subdirectory of the Zip file below.

During the development it become necessary to allow end-user to change keyboard layout as user wish. Sure it was possible to write everything on assembler, but time was quite short, and another variant of the driver has been developed. Main idea was (1) keep small resident part - same size as assembler version, (2) use possibility of high level language to allow user change keyboard layout quickly and to create his own keyboard layout. The solution was SKD.220, developed on Turbo Pascal and assembler. This version include keyboard layout editor, EDSKD.EXE. Source code located in SKD.220 directory.

You may download the full source code and executable files here in ZIP format: SKD.ZIP (file size: 69 KB). Please note that the software is NOT guaranteed to work under non-DOS environment (and may not work under any environment). All addresses (include electronic ones) and telephone numbers given inside the files are NOT VALID anymore. The software has been developed in 1989-1993 (more than 10-14 years ago). You may download it at your own risk!

If you will find any problems please report to: I will (maybe) try to fix them (on ad-hock basis). However this is not even promise.






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