Assembler Source code on Pascal: A2

The code has been developed in 1993. Goals of the development was: (1) to have Assembler which I can fully control and maintain, (2) to produce MS-DOS COM files directly to increase speed of the programming by avoiding to link OBJ files, (3) [not released] combine assembler and editor to have IDE.

The Assembler algorithm and flow is based on free software named CHASM Version 2.01 (1983) by David Whitman - Assembler written on BASIC.

You may download the executable, source code and example of assembler A2 code here in ZIP format: A2.ZIP (file size: 48 KB). Please note that the software is NOT guaranteed to work under non-DOS 6.22 environment (and may not work under any environment). All addresses (include electronic ones) and telephone numbers given inside the files are NOT VALID anymore. The software has been developed in 1993 (more than 10 years ago!). You may download it at your own risk!

If you will find any problems please report to: I will (maybe) try to fix them (on ad-hock basis). However this is not even promise.






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